13 professionals comment for accuracy - Vaishali's psychic readings

13 professional psychics deep dive

13 professional psychics deep dive into getting an accurate psychic reading

100% accurate?

Big red flag. Huge - major - time to run!

If anyone ever tells you that they are 100% accurate, it is a sign for you to run away. Every psychic is a human being and humans make mistakes.

Sometimes in their interpretation, sometimes in referencing the situation and some other times due to lack of proper context.

The feedback from every reading is an opportunity for a professional psychic to reflect on their accuracy. Every psychic is human and being human enables us to err.

So, just by definition, no psychic is 100% accurate ever. There is always somethings which can cause a reading to be off or perhaps even the interpretation of the reading.

Some clients are happy and some clients can never be made happy no matter which psychic they choose.

So, I took time so ask 13 professional psychics what they do to increase the accuracy of readings for their clients.

This was the question they were posed -

Imagine you have a client who has been to a few psychics and is frustrated. They haven't quite gotten the answers they wanted and are open for options. How would you help them get the most accurate reading ?

Here is what each one said in no particular order:

Avril Price: Look into the soul

It is vital to explain to the client how I work. I let them know what they can expect so they are not wandering in the dark. Consultations are not passive experiences, I encourage engagement.

I am essentially telling them their story through the Tarots, this is so the client can stand back and have clarity about who they are and where they are. In effect the client is embracing their own narrative by looking into the mirror of the soul.

This is helpful for the client so they can be at one with their own experiences as opposed to their tale being something ethnic, something outside of themselves, this approach makes the consultation more real and more viable.

Learn more about Avril Price here.

Amanda Linette-Meder: Everything is connected

Everything is connected. Guidance from Spirit and Universal Consciousness is cyclical. Because of this, sometimes the advice can seem unrelated to the question you have.

You can ask a question for more love in your life and receive a response related to plant supplements, so it's easy to get frustrated.

However, one answer often circles back and ultimately does provide the solution you seek

Learn more about Amanda Linette-Meder here.

Mystic Shelley: List your questions

Before each session with my spiritual team I asked my client to make a list of their question and take notes and be sure they are fully rested and stress free I don’t give reaching to anyone that is on any type of addition drugs or being drinking alcohol I want my team to be able tap into their energy’s safety.

Then I let my client know what is showing around their reading. I focus on what is now than later anything is subject to change if I see any problems

I will make suggestions during the reading to let go or how to shield and clear their energy a good reading is telling what your spirit world is saying not what the client wants to hear upfront and honest and I explain to them anything is subject to change without notice and I can’t answer for someone else reading on what message they received.

Learn more about Mystic Shelley here.

Lisa Friderborg Eddy: Don't reader hop to hear your answer

A genuine psychic can tune into your energy and your soul’s blueprint, to provide you with action steps for the best way forward in terms of co-creating your most magnificent destiny.

Be willing to see beyond the hype of fortune-tellers who promise 100% accurate predictions (a lie) and ask Spirit to guide you to a psychic who is genuine and a good vibrational match.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the psychic before placing your order to see if they are a match and able to help you on your journey.

Going from psychic to psychic, a.k.a. ‘reader hopping,’ hoping to hear the exact answer your ego wants to hear will cause confusion and stunt your soul’s development. Aim higher!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung

Learn more about Lisa Frideborg Eddy here.

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Sue Ellis-Saller: Give space and time

Be open, patient, and give the reading time to unfold.

Psychics and readers need time to tap into your energy field and relay the messages they receive to you, and they also need space to give you the message that the Universe wants for you. Far too often, people expect their psychic to get an exact hit or know scary-accurate information, in three minutes flat. It just doesn't work that way.

There are times when the Universe will have a different, more important, message for you to hear and work with.

Also, psychic readings are interactive, not one-sided. You might be asked questions to help the psychic understand the images and information they are receiving. This doesn't mean that the psychic isn't real, it means that they are trying to make sense of how the received information pertains to you and your situation.

Ultimately, give your psychic reader space, time, and input from your side. It will help to make your reading clearer and much easier for you to understand.

Learn more about Sue Ellis-Saller here.

Lisa Atkinson: Look at the layers of meanings

It's critical to remember that the language of the soul is archetypal and symbolic so that when we get a message, it can be layered with meaning.

Interpretations can vary depending on the psychic you hire.

Learn more about Lisa Atkinson here.

Jessica McKay: Allow some vulnerability

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and be seen.

When you have walls up, it's harder for someone to read your energy and assist you.

Let the psychic in on your fears and concerns so he or she can give you the best possible guidance.

Learn more about Jessica McKay here.

Vaishali Nikhade: Navigate like a GPS

Ever stuck in a traffic jam while driving to the airport to catch a plane ? Guess what you'll do half way....try to find alternate routes to get to the airport. You may not reach at the exact time you had initially projected with the detour, but you'll still get there faster than sitting in traffic.

Readings work the same way in terms of you wanting to get to your destination.

With a frustrated client, I would try to understand what they are asking by helping them rephrase the question. This helps see how things would play out & if they'd get to their destination smoothly. If they don't like what they hear, I would strategically navigate the reading towards their goal.

This would help see changes that need to be made in order to get to the goal. Just a small detour.............but sometimes detours can be worth it....

Learn more about Vaishali Nikhade here.

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Matt Derickson: Know the how

The most important ingredient to getting a good psychic reading, apart from choosing a psychic that you perceive as trustworthy and authentic, is knowing how you would like your life to change.

The universe works based on free will, and spirit guides, as well as your own higher self, can only provide you with specific information if you’ve asked a focused question authorizing them to do so.

So, ask yourself, what is the real reason you are consulting a psychic? Why are you investing the time and money?

Answering this question for yourself in a clear way will help you ask the right questions so the universe can give you the most useful response.

Learn more about Matt Derickson here.

Tina Ci: Factor obstacles in the question

When posing a question, don’t let other responses or concerns cloud your current reading. If you’re receiving the same response to the same query, you may need to be more specific or re-frame your question.

For a more accurate reading, prepare by considering your initial question then factoring in any obstacles.

QUESTION: Will I get a raise?


I’d like to move.
I feel under-valued.
I want to end my current relationship.
I’m bored in this industry.
How will I pay for my children’s tuition?
My car keeps breaking down. I want to visit distant family and friends.
REFRAMED QUESTION: In order to pay for my upcoming travel and new car, I’d like a pay raise. What do the Cards want me to know? Once you narrow down your questions, the answers will speak to your authentic concerns.

Learn more about Tina Ci here.

Mark Howard: Go to someone you're drawn to

Research - make sure the Psychic is someone who channels the readings rather than just take the literal meaning of the cards. This way you can ask specific questions get dates, etc.

A good Psychic will connect with their guides and give you the information you need regardless of the tools they may be using.

Make sure you are able to record the reading as well, as you can use this as a reference later and ask to take a photo of the final spread (if the Psychic is using cards), again as a future reference point. Finally, make sure you are open to the idea of having a reading and understand that readings can give both negative and positive outcomes.

The more closed you are the harder the reading will be for both of you. Be honest about your previous experiences and let the Psychic know what you are looking for from the reading. Getting something negative in a reading is not a bad thing as being forearmed is forewarned, but don't expect a Psychic to tell you when you are going to die or the winning lottery numbers.

Learn more about Mark Howard here.

Shannon Walbran: Get a fresh perspective

Don’t do the psychic’s job for her! If you’re paying her to give you insights, hold back with your own analyses.

You know what you think, so give her this hour and take notes. If you want straight counseling, go to a counselor and talk your heart out, where venting can be helpful.

A psychic session is different; it’s for you to learn and see a fresh perspective

Learn more about Shannon Walbran: psychic mentor here.

Hilja Mari: Ask for deeper understanding

To receive the most accurate reading, ask the question you really want answered, call with the intention of finding deeper understanding, and do not purposely withhold information as a test.

Sometimes clients ask about one thing, and later reveal that they really wanted to know about something else. It is best if readers know exactly what the client wishes them to focus upon. Instead of asking “when will I meet the one?” consider asking what you need to understand to attract the one into your life.

Psychics offer their gifts because they want to help others; it is a serious endeavor, conducted with care and respect. The clearer your question, the clearer your reading. At their best, psychics can help you restore trust in life, realign you to your center and help you move forward. I find it uniquely life affirming.

Learn more about Hilja-Mari here.


Readings can vary from reader to reader. Every one has a unique perspective.

It is important to find the reader you are drawn to, because once you find your reader, you'll quit reader hopping and start reaping the benefits of how a reading can potentially open your eyes to what's to come, what can change and what you'd need to do....

Food for thought.....would you change something now or wait for another six months to change it?

Ever felt like you wanted to be heard about getting a reading?

Do you have a great story about getting either an accurate psychic reading or a reading from any of these experts?

Share your story here!

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