Accurate email psychic readings: Vaishali's psychic readings

Accurate email psychic readings


Accurate email psychic readings: Why bother to get one ?

  • You don't like to talk on the phone
  • You are afraid your accent will get in the way
  • You are uncomfortable you'll get emotional during the reading
  • You feel that your voice will give things away

Client love notes

One of the most reliably accurate readers I've encountered. Every session with her is focused, specific and provides verifiable details. She is without a question, strongly gifted. I recommend!

Instead, do things your way:

  • Get a reading in the comfort of your inbox
  • Get a reading without worrying about the availability of a psychic
  • Get a reading you can read in your leisure time and leisurely pace
Eduardo GallegosEduardo Gallegos
17:59 17 Mar 22
I made an appointment online and had a 15 minute reading over the phone with Vaishali. I was a little nervous since it was my first time having a psychic reading but she was very calm and reassuring and answered my questions clearly.
Ricardo HerreraRicardo Herrera
01:23 14 Mar 22
To say that Vaishali Nikhade provided me an excellent psychic reading to me would be an understatement—she excelled! Without me providing her any details of the girl that I have a romantic interest in, Vaishali alluded to key/specific details about her that only I knew. She blew me away. Vaishali validated what my heart feels for this young girl, and by default made feel at peace and that I am not crazy for what I feel—she was reading my heart, it was that profound. She told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear, and in essence, that is what a true and ethical psychic, in my humble opinion, should disseminate to her/his clients. Moreover, her soothing voice creates an ambiance of calmness that only serves, at least in my case, in which my heart is in pain, to bring, if only for a few minutes, a sense of peace and calmness. Do not waste to your time and money with other psychics, contact Vaishali for your next reading, you will not be disappointed. She has certainly won a client in me and I will be going back to her for more future readings, as I am certain her spiritual guidance will assist me in navigating my love interest in that young girl that I am in love with.Reading given on Thursday, March 10, 2022.Dr. Matthew Hernandez
Black MambaBlack Mamba
20:29 08 Aug 21
Career guidance reading: I was in need of clarity in my career path, as I was experiencing difficulty transitioning into a new role. Vaishali helped me navigate the challenges that I was about to face. Her honesty and breakdown of all my questions were accurate and insightful. Vaishali helped me realize there was another path in store for me and encouraged me to move toward it as that would satisfy my goals and needs. Im looking forward to seeing how the outcome unfolds!
Daniel H (Sherlock)Daniel H (Sherlock)
19:05 20 Jan 21
It was a good experience very insightful. I would recommend if you have questions. I will try again for a longer time to have a few more questions answered. Definitely recommend
Jeff BrandeisJeff Brandeis
15:53 12 Oct 20
Was amazed at how accurate Vaishali's reading actually was. Reading was accurate and was pin pointed as well. Nice Job!
Accurate email psychic readings: Never limit yourself

There are no limits in asking questions. So, why should there be limits in the types of readings available? Choose from the various possibilities below.

If you don't see what you want, click away to make a special request.

One liner

Simple question

Detailed reading

Timing reading

When all you need is a one line response

When all you need is a simple short answer

When all you need is the sordid details answer

When all you need to know is when it'll happen


Please read the Disclaimer before purchasing any email reading. By purchasing the email reading, you acknowledge that all sales are final and there are no refunds issued once an order is placed.

Psychic Email Readings
Accurate love-relationship readings

Love relationship readings no matter where you are in your relationship. No matter how complicated your situation is, if none of the readings below covers what you need, then an email is just a click away.

Accurate email psychic readings don't have to stop here - the only limit in asking your questions is your imagination - let it run wild....

Types of psychic readings

Future love reading
When you need the details about your next love

Current love reading

When you need the details about your current love

Getting love reading
When you need divine guidance to get love

Future Boy-friend/Girl-friend reading
Love reading for an existing relationship

Email reading: $250

Description of your next boy-friend/girl-friend
Details on their Profession
How you will meet this person

Please specify your name, sex and whether you are looking for
a boy-friend or a girl-friend when you place an order.

Learn more about love psychic readings and what they entail in terms of predictions.

You will receive a detailed description of the physical features
and characteristics of your next bf/gf including details of their
profession and how you will meet them.

Prediction for future boyfriend/girlfriend reading is done via a detailed email reading.

Click here to order the Future boyfriend/girl-friend reading

Email (and MP3) reading: $151-$251

How does he feel about you?
What are the challenges in the relationship?
What can you do to address the challenges?
What will happen in the relationship in the next couple of months?
What is influencing the relationship from his side and from your side?
Please specify your name, gender and the name and gender for your partner.

You will receive a detailed reading on each of these questions. You will also have an option to get an MP3 reading when you purchase.

Prediction for love reading for an existing relationship is done via a detailed email reading or an email and Mp3 reading.

Click here to order a Current Love reading.

Corporate psychic readings

Corporate Psychic readings

These readings are typically for executives of corporations to forecast what is going on related to a particular project, group or individuals at the company. What kind of a projects will succeed, what will get challenging and other details.

Get more information on business intuitive readings here. Email me through the Contact page for rates and consultation.

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