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Can you spot a keeper from a player ?

Finding a real relationship in the age of swipes can be tough. Navigating the world of dating using your intuition is even tougher.

Take this quiz to test your intuition in love and see if your intuition can spot the behaviors of someone playing a game...

love quiz for singles

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Vaishali transitioned from a left brain engineer to a right brain psychic. She is an expert psychic with an uncanny accuracy in her predictions for her readings playing out in real life.

She has done over seven thousand readings revealing client's future relationships, relationship issues and guidance to move forward.

Vaishali is the host of the popular podcast 'The Uncanny link' and has appeared on nearly 50 top podcasts talking about her intuitive expertise.


Please be patient and give the quiz a 'few seconds' to load the outcome once you finish the quiz.

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