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Vaishali is an expert psychic with an uncanny accuracy in her predictions for her readings playing out in real life.

Vaishali helps clients with the description of their future bf/gf and related details describing their future love. Vaishali's psychic readings are clear, concise and accurate - no sugar-coating, no beating around the bush

She has done over seven thousand readings revealing client's future relationships, relationship issues and guidance to move forward. Vaishali is the host of the popular podcast 'The Uncanny link' when physics meets metaphysics or science meets 'woo' and has appeared on nearly 50 top podcasts talking about her intuitive expertise.

Eduardo GallegosEduardo Gallegos
17:59 17 Mar 22
I made an appointment online and had a 15 minute reading over the phone with Vaishali. I was a little nervous since it was my first time having a psychic reading but she was very calm and reassuring and answered my questions clearly.
Ricardo HerreraRicardo Herrera
01:23 14 Mar 22
To say that Vaishali Nikhade provided me an excellent psychic reading to me would be an understatement—she excelled! Without me providing her any details of the girl that I have a romantic interest in, Vaishali alluded to key/specific details about her that only I knew. She blew me away. Vaishali validated what my heart feels for this young girl, and by default made feel at peace and that I am not crazy for what I feel—she was reading my heart, it was that profound. She told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear, and in essence, that is what a true and ethical psychic, in my humble opinion, should disseminate to her/his clients. Moreover, her soothing voice creates an ambiance of calmness that only serves, at least in my case, in which my heart is in pain, to bring, if only for a few minutes, a sense of peace and calmness. Do not waste to your time and money with other psychics, contact Vaishali for your next reading, you will not be disappointed. She has certainly won a client in me and I will be going back to her for more future readings, as I am certain her spiritual guidance will assist me in navigating my love interest in that young girl that I am in love with.Reading given on Thursday, March 10, 2022.Dr. Matthew Hernandez
Black MambaBlack Mamba
20:29 08 Aug 21
Career guidance reading: I was in need of clarity in my career path, as I was experiencing difficulty transitioning into a new role. Vaishali helped me navigate the challenges that I was about to face. Her honesty and breakdown of all my questions were accurate and insightful. Vaishali helped me realize there was another path in store for me and encouraged me to move toward it as that would satisfy my goals and needs. Im looking forward to seeing how the outcome unfolds!
Daniel H (Sherlock)Daniel H (Sherlock)
19:05 20 Jan 21
It was a good experience very insightful. I would recommend if you have questions. I will try again for a longer time to have a few more questions answered. Definitely recommend
Jeff BrandeisJeff Brandeis
15:53 12 Oct 20
Was amazed at how accurate Vaishali's reading actually was. Reading was accurate and was pin pointed as well. Nice Job!

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