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To book a psychic reading with Vaishali, choose the option and the type of reading that is most convenient for you. Vaishali offers readings via phone, chat or email. Vaishali is located near San Francisco, California, so please use Pacific time zone or convert your times to Pacific time zone for reference.

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Love notes from a client


This lady was very patient, but to the point. She handled my impatience with a lot of grace. I wish I had the finances to spend a couple of hours with her, as she hit on things that has never come up before. She didn't need any information from me in terms of the person, ie. name etc. she just swooped in on specific things which was quite uncanny. No generalisation to lead her to tips or clues.

If one ever doubts that there are things in the universe that can't be explained, like psychic abilities, this psychic will challenge that thinking. I like that she didn't give me unsolicited advice or coaching. She volunteered some things that may occur over the next few months, but not in a bolshy, fortune-teller manner. I think it is not constructive to believe anyone absolutely knows the future as each action could lead to varying scenarios. Thanks very much!

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Energy healing session

The energy healing session is a live session done on the phone for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Specifics depend on the requirements of the client. No information is needed except for your first name.

Advanced energy healing gets you results in a shorter time-frame as opposed to basic energy healing. Results can be seen in as short of a time as a few days to a few weeks for advanced healings. Basic healings typically need 2-3 weeks to see results.

All calls in the US will be originated by me. International callers can use skype or call into a US number or an international country based conference line.

Past life reading

The past life reading is done over the phone and will last between 20-30 minutes. Typically, two of your past lives are read. No information is needed for this reading. Once you purchase the reading, add information on 2-3 time-slots that work best for you when you will be very relaxed.

Corporate psychic readings

These readings are typically for executives of corporations to forecast what is going on related to a particular project, group or individuals at the company. What kind of a projects will succeed, what will get challenging and other details.

Get more information on business intuitive readings here. Email me through the Contact page for rates and consultation.
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