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You're about to learn the secret that the future can indeed be predicted...

and you can make your own plans knowing when the stars are aligned!

2022 Yearly Forecast Bundle

Enhance your chances of success with the month-by-month predictions for 2022

This forecast is filled with predictions for each month that so that you can plan your goals to swim with the tide to increase your chances for success !

Know what's coming your way !

Grab it now for just $45


The magic of planning with the stars smiling on you!

You may feel baffled with all the New Year resolutions and a mile long to-do list.

How are you supposed to cross out each and every item of your to-do list and brag about it on Facebook ?

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity !

Swim with the tide using the 2022 yearly forecast

♦ Instead of hitting red lights, you will plan things per the green lights from universe,
♦ Instead of no plan, you'll create a plan of action aligned with the stars,
♦ Instead of hitting hard on something, you will smoothly cruise with the Universe

Here's what in your '2022 Yearly Forecast Bundle'

2022 Yearly Forecast

Instantly downloadable pdf for a month by month forecast for 2022

With the 2022 yearly forecast's psychic predictions, you'll go:

→ from clueless to enlightened
→ from WTF happened to I know it's coming

No more waiting, no more anguishing, no more pondering and wondering.......

Value $ 45

2022 forecast cover

Bonus # 1: See-through' Framework Masterclass


Learn the premise behind the 'See-through framework' to get predictions :

⇒ Based on psychology & Jung Theory
⇒ Backed by predictions
⇒ Reveals the importance of being 'you' for getting proper predictions

Value $45

Bonus # 2: Time Tracking Templates


Your go-to templates to track the events for each month and compare them to the predictions

Value $45

This is everything you get when you order the 2022 Yearly Forecast Bundle today!

✅ 2022 yearly forecast.......................................($ 45 value)
✅ 'See-through framework' masterclass.......($ 45 value)
✅ 2022 Time tracker templates........................($ 45 value)

Total Value....$135

Yours today for just $45

Grab your 2022 Yearly Forecast Bundle !

Snag this goodie before it's gone

I thought left-brain was great until the right-brain intervened...

I'm Vaishali Nikhade, a left brain engineer who transitioned to a right brain psychic. I blend the expertise of my dual brain power to create amazingly astonishing predictions,

With over seven years of experience and performing over 7000 readings, I've helped clients in situations that are beyond your wildest imagination...but actually happened in real life...yep, true...


As featured in:


Some love SUCCESS notes from my clients !

Incredibly accurate intuitive love reading! I met the love of my life at the exact time that Vaishali shared, and also he has traits that she described.

She also picked up that he was someone that I had met years before. The reading also helped me to have a deeper understanding of my own needs in relationship and why prior relationships were not working.

I highly recommend an intuitive reading with Vaishali!

Karen M.

I've met and studied alongside many psychics, and Vaishali is the most accurate I've met. Vaishali  predicted my future boyfriend to be a man with beautiful eyes, tall, worked as a program engineer, and travelled for fun.

She said he would marry and have kids with me. Right now, I'm with that guy, we've been together for a year on Mother's Day, and we plan on getting married and having children.

It was  helpful and reassuring thing to know that I would find someone to love and cherish me, and to stay patient.

Andrea G.

Last chance to get your 2022 Yearly Forecast Bundle

Inside your bundle

→ 2022 Yearly Forecast Downloadable PDF

→ 'See-through Framework' Masterclass

→ Time tracking templates

Total value - $ 135
Yours now for just $45

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I am totally in for '2022 forecast'


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One goal is all you need to brag

Remember when you just set your eyes on all the goodies at Trader Joe's & put them in your cart ?

It was only when you came home that you realized that splurged a little excessively on sugar as well as your wallet !

Skip the impulse buy goodies for your next grocery store visit ! Your future blood-sugar levels will thank you !


Grab the 2022 Forecast Bundle instead !

Make a post on Facebook with your lofty goal checked off and a selfie with the most damning smile to make your friend's eyes pop up with WTF !

How did she do that ?

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