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Love psychic readings

An insight into the future of romance

Love psychic readings offer insight into romance and romantic relationships via the medium of psychic readings. The readings are very insightful and offer a glimpse to the future as to what to expect in the area of romance.


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Psychic readings love and relationship expert

Questions pertaining to love are very common in psychic readings and yet at times, love readings are the most complex of all readings. Each and every reading and situation is unique, the circumstances are different and so are the readings and choices.

It also to readees or clients. Some of the readees are more open to listening what a psychic has to say – while others may not be ready to hear the truth. While it is not always possible to sugarcoat a difficult reading, you can warn the readee that the reading maybe difficult for them to hear.

For those who are single, a description reading is a great tool. It does exactly what it says: it gives you a description of your future boyfriend or girlfriend. Along with it, you can get more details on the profession of the person, the circumstances surrounding the meeting, the timing of the meeting, etc.

Learn more about different types of psychic description readings you can get.

Some examples of each scenario are listed below. I tried to pick a different variety of examples so that you can get an idea of how the readings are and how the results are. I also used an example to describe a few events that happen after two people meet.

Psychic love reading


A psychic love reading can offer you a lot of information about your future boyfriend/girlfriend. The few examples below demonstrate on how the reading would be like along with the actual person it described.

One of the examples is from a movie. The other example is from a real-life reading I did for a client.

Movie example with love reading of a lady

She is someone who is very feminine and strong - may have a bit of muscle in her body and nice hair. Someone who is very tall and likes to do different hair-styles and connects well with either groups or in group settings. Slender and someone who will have nice eyes and connect with you. Also a woman who is strong and firm in what or how she acts or does. She may have a nice sparkle to her eyes won't hesitate to voice out a strong opinion if she has one.

For the question, I had asked to describe Julia Roberts as she was in the movie Pretty Woman. For love readings, you can ask for a description of your next boyfriend/girlfriend. You will get a reading describing the person, the validation will happen when you actually meet that person.

Profession reading for your love


Description of a person's profession can also be obtained. Again, I used the example from a famous movie so that you can relate it to the actual reading.

Example of a person's profession for a love reading

It shows a profession where she gives strength to lonely hearts. This can be by nurturing them over distance so that they don't feel lonely and feel loved. Air is involved in some manner and will be used as a medium. The other person may go from feeling isolated and lonely to nice and loved.


Her profession:

I had asked to describe the part-time profession of Anne Hathaway in Valentine's day.

She was working as an adult phone entertainer aka phone sex. The reading in this case didn't explicitly scream and say that she was doing that. It was more subtle and mentioned something about making lonely hearts feel more loved and strong.

Meeting place for your love

Believe it or not, even the circumstances around the meeting can be predicted. You can tell different things about how the meeting will happen. Again, I picked an example from a movie so that you can look at the reading and see how the meeting actually took place. The example is listed below.

Example of a meeting place for love

The meeting happens in a closed environment with someone uncertain about where they are headed for their future. It is or can be a brief short and somewhat enjoyable meeting. There is also the presence of a third person who may detect a false presence of one person amongst the two of you. It happens in an environment where there could be lots of people or some sort of sharing is involved. One of you may try to make a wrong move during the meeting. However, there is protection involved as well - so, you will be secure.


What actually happened for the love meeting

The meeting took place in a train car or compartment - this denotes the closed environment. Since there are other people in the compartment, it denotes the sharing. It was brief and enjoyable.

The presence of a third person is the presence of a ticket collector who came to check in on the tickets. SK was traveling without a ticket - hence, it is a false presence - he should have bought a ticket to travel on the train.

The wrong move was actually SK trying to jump off the train and she started talking to him and that saved his life. So, the protection was her talking and him listening to her so that he couldn't fall off the running train.

This reading is an example from a Hindi movie “Jab we met” and the question I had asked was

How did Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor meet in the movie?

You can learn more details about this meeting and movie "Jab we Met."

Future events in your love life

In this type of a reading, you can get a prediction of what will actually happen between the two people in a specified time period. In order to be able to relate to this reading, I took the example from a famous movie. I did not put a time-period on the reading directly in terms of days/months, etc. Instead, I limited the reading to describe what would happen in the first 2-3 meetings after they met.

Example of romance and related events reading

What will happen between JR and RG in the first 2-3 meetings after they meet in the movie PW?

This is an example of a reading where you can find out what will happen after you meet someone. I am using the movie as an example since it is a very popular movie and most folks will be able to relate to the reading using the movie example.


Her profession:

It shows that in the past there was an opportunity for a brief encounter and a cheerful flirtatious meeting – it may have involved a fast moving car or a short meeting that happens related to a car. This is a description of the scene of how they met in the movie. It then goes on to show that her wishes come true in a hotel – it just shows a nice upscale hotel. Further on, it shows that the lady is lost. It then shows some romance associated with drinks as well as food, meeting outside in a marketplace, etc.


The reading is an example from the famous movie Pretty Woman and I asked a brief reading to describe what will happen after they meet. You can ask this for a real life situation, but since this is a popular movie, most folks can relate to it. So, I used this as an example.

It describes their short meeting where she tries to flirt with him and a fast moving car is involved. It also describes the transition of the meeting to the hotel. It also shows how she is lost. They have to go out on a date and she gets help on how to use the knives, forks, etc as well getting a dress for her date.

This was a short reading, so it showed the highlights. Had I chosen to read this in more details, I would have gotten more info. You can use a similar reading to get more information after you meet someone related to the future dates, etc.

Timing for a love reading


The timing of when you meet a person can also be predicted. Timing is the most challenging aspect of any divination system. Sometimes, timing can be predicted in terms of a season like winter, spring, summer or fall. Sometimes, a particular month or number of days, weeks or months from now and so on.


In conclusion, description readings can be a great tool to get important information on what to expect in your love life. It can give out a lot of details like the physical description of a person, their profession, how you will meet them, timing, etc. It's like having the future in front of you before actually having it.

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