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How to choose the right psychic

Have you ever wondered about how to choose the right psychic? By the time you read this article, you must have had at least a handful of unsatisfactory psychic readings. Either that, or you have never had a psychic reading before. Under the second scenario, I welcome you to the world of the paranormal. It's intriguing and awesome to explore.

Before jumping into how you are going to choose a psychic, a good part of the decision is already made by you in advance. It depends on what type of a reading you want to have. Different types of readings may (not always) require different psychics. Some psychics maybe able to give you good readings on any aspect on the other hand. So, before you go looking for one, please make a note of what area of your life would you like to have a reading on. Once you have had that, then you may use the information below to accumulate or delete points against your checklist for psychics.

How to choose the right psychic depends as much on you as it depends on the psychic.

Areas a psychic reading can cover

There are primarily five areas a psychic reading can cover. Most of the questions asked by a readee would fall under one of the five areas. While you may not require five different psychics if you have questions in all these areas, some psychics maybe able to read one area better over the other.

Love and relationships

Love relationship readings

This area covers all relationship issues for love, romance and relationships. Whether you want to ask a question on future love or a clarification on something that has happened in the past, a relationship reading will help you get the clarity you need.

Psychics may distinguish themselves as a relationship expert or specializing in relationship readings. You may also be able to get a description reading on your next boyfriend/girlfriend. While not all psychics may do that, it is something to look for when you seek a psychic if that's the information you need.

You can also ask timing questions for a relationship reading. Some of these questions would be along the lines of when you would meet a person, connect with them or have contact or when things would get better for a particular relationship. Timing is tricky in any divination system, so be careful to not make this your primary criteria to toss a psychic out.

I have had clients ask me when a couple would break up as well. Relationships with three people in them seem to be a common theme in some of the readings that I have done myself.

Make a note of your questions and ask a psychic if they would be able to answer them. The honest ones will tell you what they can and cannot answer.

Most common love questions concern timing for communication, feelings for another person and future developments.

Some relationships are much more complex and so are the circumstances surrounding a client. Don't expect to get all your questions answered in a 5 or 10 minute reading. Get the important ones first and see how the predictions play out.

Future love description

Future love timing

Future love first glimpse

Future love meeting

2022 Yearly Forecast

If you are just trying to find out which psychics work best for you, ask them a specific question or a weekly reading. This will help you see the results in a week. You can then gauge if you want to continue working with them.

Love note from a client

A long over due review--I first called Vaishali back in September of 2017. She accurately described what happened in my previous relationship and the specifics of how I would meet my current bf. She described the location, time (within 3 months), and physical characteristics (particular features that stood out). Although she may come across as blunt, she is definitely not rude. From my own experience, she takes an objective point of view and doesn't sugar coat things. Be ready to hear the truth instead of what you are looking to hear. I'd suggest doing an over the phone reading that way you can ask questions or clarify on things that she has said, the one liners are short and may not give you all the information that you need, especially if it is about a big event. I also called her July of 2019 and she accurately predicted someone coming into my life. I can say with confidence that Vaishali is a clairvoyant and has a skill of predicting who will come into your life, especially potential relationships.

Rachael R.

Career and finances

While these are two different areas, for the purpose of writing, I am combining them into one. The readings in this area can be as complex as the relationship readings. Ask a psychic first if they are able to read this area and willing to give you a reading. Some may not want to for various reasons.

Finance readings can turn out to be very interesting. You can get suggestions on what you can do to increase your income or improve your finances. Choices in future direction for career is a common theme for a career reading. See if the psychic can give you a reading on these options for you to make a an informed choice.

Health readings

Not all psychics will agree to give you health readings. Some may, but it is better to ask. While health readings can be accurate and show where the problems are or coming from, it is best to use them as guidance and get the opinion of a physician.

Some of the themes a health reading can cover is where the problems in your health are coming from. Or what areas will be problematic in the future. I did a reading in the recent past where a lady got a biopsy done for cancer and was unwilling to wait for the results. She wanted a reading on that and the reading showed that she would be healthy. The biopsy results confirmed this.

Examples of health readings:

Another reading I did recently was for a pregnant lady who had thyroid issues. She wanted to know if would need surgery before her child was born. The reading showed that she wouldn't and she confirmed that later with me.

Health readings can also be done to determine choices as was the case for Amy. She came to me two years ago. She wanted to get a cosmetic surgery done. Her reading entailed a lot of different scenarios including picking the right surgeon, right hospital and right procedure. Some of these, she confirmed to me in the reading itself – that she had a gut feeling that the surgeon wasn't the one whom she thought she should go with.

Love note from a client

Praise the Lord! No cancer and I can wait till our baby is born. You are great, thank you for your help !

General reading

These readings can be done if you have no specific area of concern or are looking for a general reading. A good reading will point out the correct themes that will play out in the future. If you get a reading that doesn't look overly positive, you can ask for suggestions from the psychic to improve the situation. Most psychics should be able to cover this area. It depends on your ability to ask the right questions to get the answers that you seek.

Here is a testimonial for a short reading I did for a brief question.

Love note from a client

Vaishali is really the psychic I go to most often because she's consistent and accurate so far. I know the future can change, but she tends to see where you're headed based on current energy and you have the opportunity to fix your energy do a better outcome. She's really good and she doesn't make me feel bad that I am a regular customer!

Whom the reading is for

You'll need to figure out whom the reading is for. A psychic reading is just reading the energy of the readee in question. Although most people associate a psychic reading with reading a person, the readees can be of different types.

Reading for individuals

Readings for individuals concern the areas of readings we discussed. People usually ask about

significant others
family members
co-workers, etc.

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Readings for businesses or corporations

Readings can also be for corporations or businesses. You can look at different projects that are going on in a business for instance. You can also see if certain contracts will go through successfully or not. A lot of business readings are about making decisions or choices. So, a good psychic should be able to point out the pros and cons of each option that you have available.

I did a reading for a daycare business that Jessica has a while back. She was concerned about her inflow of cash and wanted to bring in more money. So, the question was “What steps can I take to bring in more money?”

She was asked to expand her hours of operation and do more marketing to get visible. She did just that and was able to get a 20% increase in her income in a few weeks.

Individual circumstances vary and so do results. But a small shift in the right direction can definitely help you improve things.

Check with your psychic if they do business readings if that's what you are looking for.

Readings on houses

Yes, houses have energy as well. The energy of the owner and in some cases, the energy of the folks that lived in there before the owner moved in. If there is any residual energy from the past occupants of a house, it may affect the current living conditions of the present residents.

Haunted houses are an example of this.


This is why before residents move into a new house, they may get a house clearing to be able to eliminate the energy of the previous occupants.

Love note from a client

I met Vaishali at the 2015 New Life Expo at the San Mateo Event Center. I asked for a reading regarding a commercial building I inherited from my father upon his passing in 2009. As of April, 2015, I had been trying to sell, or lease, the shop for 9 months. Vaishali described the real estate person that was in charge of helping me, and then went on the describe the person I should be working with. The next week I found a man who fit the description. Within 3 months, I signed a 5 year lease with my current tenant, and receive a rent check that is 10 times larger then the total of rent from my two previous renters.  Please know that I sought out Vaishali for another reading at this year's New Life Expo, and will post the results as they come in. Much love and abundant blessings!

Dorrene R.

Pet psychic readings

Some psychics specialize on pet readings and pet readings is all they do. They will be able to give you a good psychic reading on your pets. Again, the intention of your reading is important. Know in advance what problem you are trying to solve with your pet and if the psychic can help you read that.

Examples of pet readings:

Amy, the same one as the health reading came to me a few weeks back. She said that her sister had lost her cat and couldn't find it. So, she wanted a reading to see if the cat would be found and more information along those lines.

I did a reading for her where I mentioned that the cat would be found within 3 days or less. There was a lot of darkness and coldness around how it would happen. She reported her results to me about the cat. Her sister found the cat – the cat came to the front door just past midnight and it was cold and snowing outside. See how the darkness and coldness played out?

Style and accuracy of a psychic

This is by far the single most important criteria a readee should look for in choosing a psychic. You'll find out that no two psychics will describe the situation the same way and they can both still be very accurate in their reading.

Presentation style of a psychic:

Take these two readings as an example.

Psychic 1: I see a round object, may red in color and looks like something you can eat. It is fairly big and looks nice and inviting.

Psychic 2: I see a round object that is red and yellow in color and I also see some stripes in them. It also tastes sweet and I see it being used to make a juice.


Which psychic do you like or prefer? Both of them are correct – they are describing an apple that they are seeing in the reading. It comes down to a matter of style and preference. If you can identify with taste, then you maybe better off with option 2.

Using client testimonials to gauge a psychic's style:

Another way to find out the style of a psychic is by reviewing their testimonials. Most of the testimonials will show a common theme. From this, you can identify if that particular psychic is right for you. Look at the video below and see if you can identify my reading style.

That's right – no sugarcoating and to the point. So, if you need a sugar-coated reading, then I am not the right psychic to read you.

For some of my regular clients, I make it a point to warn them if I see something unpleasant. I give them a choice as to whether they want to hear it. Some of them do and some don't. I always respect their response whatever it is.

Also, be sure to distinguish between sugar-coated readers and readers who tell you what you want to hear. Even though you maybe happy with the later, you may see that their predictions don't come to pass.

Love note from a client

Vaishali is simply amazing. She is very punctual, clear, patient & intuitive. She truly has a special gift. My reading was surrounding events to take place between now & the end of the year so I'll have to wait to see how it all unfolds. However looking at her track record I'm sure things will go just fine. If you're interested in a reading with true insight definitely give her a call!

Ryan F.

Interpretation of readers and readees

Interpretation of readers and readees:

This is the last point I wanted to touch upon. A lot of readings maybe correct but the interpretation of the reader or readee maybe off.


Psychic reading lost in translation
A good example of this is a reading I did for Claudia(not her real life name). We did a monthly reading and I told her what to expect in the upcoming month. It showed contact from an ex. She had been inquiring about her ex for a while, so she was excited about this reading. At the end of the month, she reported back to me. Do you want to guess what she said?

An ex called her, but it was not the ex that she had in mind. This leans towards an error in interpretation by the readee. She just assumed that it would be the ex that she was thinking about. Be careful about reading what you want to read in a sentence.

Sometimes a psychic may also miss certain points or details in a reading. This may not be intentional, but can happen for various reasons.

In conclusion, do your homework and research before you call a psychic and choose the one that's right for you.

Get the checklist to choose the right psychic

Fancy a checklist to choose the right psychic? You can use it to see which psychic will work best for your case and get closer to finding the psychic you need to work with!

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