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Vaishali's Radio Shows

Listen to the previous recordings for live psychic readings by Vaishali on the radio show Journey into the Light on Blog Talk Radio.

Radio show recording for May 14, 2015

Radio show recording for Apr 30, 2015

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Radio show recording for Apr 16, 2015

Guest post on getting accuracy in readings

Want to what to do when a client persists in asking the same question over and over again to get a specific answer. Read my guest blog with my interview with Marko Velimirovic here

Radio show recording for Apr 09, 2015

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Radio show recording for Apr 02, 2015

Supernatural powers: Mystery voice heard

This video shows an episode of how ordinary people experienced the evidence of a supernatural power. A baby was found alive after being trapped in a car in a river for 14 hours when rescuers heard a mysterious voice asking for help.
None of them know where the voice came from.

Click here to watch the video.

Radio show recording for Mar 26, 2015

Radio show recording for Mar 12, 2015

Radio show recording for Mar 05, 2015

Belle spirit radio recording for Jan 20, 2015

About Vaishali

I am an intuitive clairvoyant reader who performs non-sugar coated, to the point readings with such an uncanny accuracy that it would make you tremble with excitement and anticipation of what's next for you. I have read thousands of people with a great deal of accuracy in my predictions & you'll be blown away with my honesty and clarity.


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