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Business intuitive consultant

A business intuitive consultant, also called a business psychic or a corporate psychic uses their intuition to read the energy of a business.

Just like a human being has a body and an aura, so does a business. The body or the physical part of the business is its physical building, location, etc. The aura of the business holds the energy of a business.

One of the ways you can use intuitive readings is for the improvement of your business. Cash flow is a common example. Get this free business psychic reading to see why you can't generate enough cash for your business.

Just like a human aura can be read, a business aura can also be read and predictions made about what is going on in the business. Business forecasts can also be made to tell you what to expect in the future: good or bad. By using this information as our guide-map, we can make some changes to help us move in the direction we really want to. Business psychic readings offer an insight into this.

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Why choose Vaishali as your Business Intuitive Consultant?

Vaishali is an intuitive clairvoyant. She gets her messages in the form of clairaudience and claircognizance. These messages can give you enlightenment and clarity as to whatever your query maybe.

In the past, she has worked in the technology industry. The corporate world moves at a very fast pace and a single decision here or there can be the make or break for a company. Think for instance the investors who invested in the then unknown companies like Google, Facebook, etc. Using intuition, you can easily know whether or not things will move in a favorable direction by making a certain decision.

Business psychics do not need to have any familiarity with the business or the project they are reading. A business intuitive consultant will read the energy around your question and give you information accordingly.

A business can use a psychic most effectively in making their decisions. It is similar to traveling in time along two paths and seeing which one will give you better results. Her focus is to help businesses use her talents as a reader and a healer.

Using her background in the corporate world and her experiences in the intuitive world, she can be your unique intuitive consultant to help you move forward in your business.

She has an MS in Electrical Engineering and is has taken and taught numerous courses on intuition and psychic abilities.

Decision making method

If you are faced with difficult decisions for a future project or a future launch, then you may be able to benefit from decision-making-method.

This includes a complimentary strategic decision making consultation. Learn more about a business psychic reading here

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