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and learn to decode the signs from the Universe, increase your awareness and create changes in your life by leveraging the power of psychic readings

It's 9:59pm.

You look at the tablet. Nothing

You hit refresh

Nothing - no new emails, no new messages

You scroll through your Facebook feed and come across Jenna's post.


She just posted her raise and promotion in her new job a few days back. What's she up to today ?

She's flaunting her relationship status change...

Your head sinks into the pillow and you keep the tablet aside. The tears start trickling down your face...

Why her ?

Why not you ?

Then you start going down the memory lane. You see that Jenna had made changes in her life to move forward and gotten help.

You think that was just yesterday.

But you realize that it was a year ago. No wonder she keeps posting all the good stuff...

You are now ready to make a change

You are ready to join the 'Cosmic Clues' club

I thought left-brain was great until the right-brain intervened...

I'm Vaishali Nikhade, a left brain engineer who transitioned to a right brain psychic. Yep, from designing computer chips to making future predictions.

I blend my expertise with my dual brain power to create amazingly astonishing readings

With over seven years of experience and performing over 7000 readings, I've helped clients in a lot of difficult romantic situations...situations that are beyond your wildest imagination...but actually happened in real life...yep, true...

With the 'Cosmic clues' club, I can help you increase your awareness to see things differently

Remember that awareness always precedes change...

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Success is best when it’s shared...

When you read the success stories below, ask yourself, “are any of these people so different to me?”

Of course I already know the answer, but go ahead. Read the stories from some of the shining stars who were brave enough to write a review (yeah, because a lot of them will only privately email me vs. writing a public review)

I’ll be here waiting for you to tell me that they aren’t.

Because the answer will always be NO, no they aren’t a special type of human, they don’t have any advantage over you, and their results can be yours...just like that.

Some love SUCCESS notes from my clients !

Incredibly accurate intuitive love reading! I met the love of my life at the exact time that Vaishali shared, and also he has traits that she described.

She also picked up that he was someone that I had met years before. The reading also helped me to have a deeper understanding of my own needs in relationship and why prior relationships were not working.

I highly recommend an intuitive reading with Vaishali!

Karen M.

I've met and studied alongside many psychics, and Vaishali is the most accurate I've met. Vaishali  predicted my future boyfriend to be a man with beautiful eyes, tall, worked as a program engineer, and travelled for fun.

She said he would marry and have kids with me. Right now, I'm with that guy, we've been together for a year on Mother's Day, and we plan on getting married and having children.

It was  helpful and reassuring thing to know that I would find someone to love and cherish me, and to stay patient.

Andrea G.

Join the 'Cosmic clues' club & learn to see things with an enlightened perspective

This is a special Holiday deal. I don't know if I'll be doing this again. And even if I do it, it won't be for this crazy price...

So, if you sign up for the 'Cosmic clues' club monthly membership this is what you get...

  • 1 A psychic reading predicting weekly forecast for how the week will play out:
    Instant download
  • 2 Psychic reading predicting enhanced weekly forecast to increase your opportunities for love and money:
    Instant download
  • 3 Weekly group call with me to discuss how the next week will play out:
    Phone conference call
  • 4 Weekly group call discussion the following week on how things played out:
    Phone conference call

Why you can't miss out on this opportunity

Here's your chance to take advantage of this sweet deal...

  • 1 You'll be learning from other people on the call how the Universe shows signs
  • 2 You'll be accelerating your learning curve to take advantage of the opportunities from the Universe
  • 3 You'll be increasing your awareness of the day to day events and comparing predictions to real life in as little as a week
  • 4 You'll be getting access to my reading experience to leverage and make the most of the upcoming the week

Imagine yourself in a week from now...


You are in awe of the readings play out and begin to recognize opportunties...

You learn to look at everything differently and start acting and doing things differently...

You decide to dive in and take chances to see incremental progress in your life week by week...

You begin to see hope and change instead of being stuck in a same pattern

intuition-in-love-quiz-1 (5)

Decision fatigue is definitely a thing...

-- You get all this for less than a couple of Starbucks visit every week

-- If all it does is to help you see differently, it is worth more than a four figure online course

-- If all it does is help you open upto change, it is worth it because you won't have any more sleepless nights

-- If all it does is give you hope, it is worth more than the stress you are going through today because it'll make your face glow when you go to the gym


If you miss out on this opportunity...

-- Everything stays the same

-- You look at other people with lesser talent than you moving forward

-- You look at people who were behind you shine with brilliance

-- You wonder what's wrong with you

-- You keep thinking what you should do differently

The 'Cosmic clues' club comes with my full 100% money back guarantee!

Take 'Cosmic clues' club for a test drive..for two weeks... make sure it delivers what you need to uplevel your intuition & spot opportunities in just under two weeks or you don’t pay a single penny.

Go on, take it for a spin. I want you to be absolutely convinced that it is the right fit for you.

If it is not the best product you have ever witnessed, used or even heard about...just let me know within two weeks and I will happily refund every single penny – no questions asked!

I am totally in for the 'Cosmic clues' club

Are you in ?

Sign for the membership for just $45/month

This is a special Holiday deal

You'll never ever see this offer again

Copyright 2021 Vaishali Nikhade

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