VIP upgrade for Get Lucky in Love challange

Exclusive Offer:

Upgrade to VIP & Get Over $2200 in Bonuses

Join an Exclusive VIP only Bonus Group Call for five days

Ask Questions Live

Each of the five days during the challenge, you'll get to be with me on a live Group Zoom call during the scheduled time. You'll learn in-depth information about the challenge steps on how to 'Get Lucky in Love' in 5 days.

With so many people in the challenge, you'll be a part of a select group who can ask your specific questions on the Group calls. The questions may even bring up topics you think about when you go to bed every night and not have an answer...

This is why you'll love to be a VIP during the challenge


live zoom calls

VIP's get an opportunity to join the live Zoom calls, deep dive into the concepts and get all your individual questions answered in a small group setting.

Which means that you have an exclusive access to get live help from me .....over $1500 value...........for a total of five live Group calls with me!

Plus as VIP, you get a few additional bonuses...

lifetime access to challenge videos

Keep access to the challenge videos and worksheets once the challenge is over so that you can go over them again and again every few months and see your progress...over $300 value...


lifetime access to vip call recordings

Recordings of the VIP calls once the challenge is over so that you keep going over them again and again and learn things from a new perspective...over a $400 value...

So this is your chance to get an upper edge to accelerate your success & become a VIP

Yes. I am ready to uplevel my experience to get the golden nuggets from Vaishali's brain by upgrading to VIP in this challenge...

Over $2200 value for just $47....a special offer just for you...

Below is a summary of what you get with each experience...

Name Regular participant VIP participant
Daily lessons for the five day challenge Yes Yes
Daily workbooks for the five days of the challenge Yes Yes
Access to Live Zoom Group VIP call for five days No Yes
Lifetime Access to Challenge Videos No Yes
Lifetime Access to VIP call recordings No Yes
Total cost to participate $1 $47

Yes, I am ready to be a VIP for just $47

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