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Tips for setting New year goals

Dance to the rhythm to have your new year resolutions

Setting new year goals this year?

92% of the people will not stick to their new year resolutions!

There is a common belief that new year is a magical time to make resolutions and set goals. The sad truth is that there is no perfect day or time to do this. It is something that needs to be done on a regular basis.

Universe has a rhythm

Everything in the Universe and life happens in cycles. We have days, months and years all defined by their duration. Even in a year, not all the segments of the year at the same. It's divided into spring, winter fall seasons. Every season that has a different focus and the energy and environment around each season is different.

For instance, if you wanted to go skiing, more than likely you will do it during the winter season when there is freshly powdered snow on the ski slopes. Fall is more associated with the falling of the leaves and the beauty of nature around that time. Spring is associated with rebirth and renewal. The leaves blooming back to the trees and springing out. Spring is also associated with spring cleaning where everyone is renewing things - out with all the old stuff.


Since the environment during the seasons is known in advance, we can plan certain things around a certain season. For instance, the environment around December-January is more around the holidays and the New Year theme . Lot of people also take vacations around this time, spend time with family, put their cooking skills to full throttle for the holidays as well as travel.

If you know the environment of the surroundings beforehand, you can plan accordingly. It is like swimming upstream vs. downstream. Depending on where you are swimming, knowing how the water current is going to come around you can strategize your swimming plan.

Setting new year goals with rhythm.....ponder over that for a second....

Readings can predict rhythms

Psychic readings can give you an idea of the environment that is coming up during the year. You can use this to leverage your yearly planning to get an upper edge as to what the conditions are suited for.

In brief, make hay while the sun shines and go skiing when the snow falls

Your life and its complexities

Just like an year is divided into different seasons, our life is also divided into different areas or categories. At no point in life, we are working on all the categories at the same time. Usually, a few of them take priority or come into focus more than the others.


An yearly forecast is like having a guide map of the seasons that will come up in your life during a given year. In a nature's season, the environment remains fairly similar for each winter, summer or fall. There could be a degree of variation of the environment (such as a mild winter as opposed to a severe winter.) For a person, the environment changes from year-to-year and season to season. In some years, you may just focus on finances, whereas in some years it could be health, family or love.

An airport trip, a traffic accident & strategy

The best way to understand the benefit of having a yearly psychic forecast is by using a real life example. Think of having to go to the airport for a flight. If you were to check the traffic and see that there is an accident then you could potentially opt for one of the three options.

The first one would be to change your flight since you can't get to the airport on time. Just call the airlines telling them that you wouldn't make it to the airport on time and reschedule your flight.

The second one would be to change your route to be able to get to the airport on time. Look at a different route to travel and if it's not congested with heavy traffic, it could get you to the airport on time.

The third one is to change your mode of transportation to be able to get to the airport on time. For instance, if you were planning to drive or take a cab , you may instead consider taking the train to avoid the traffic and be able to get to the airport on time.


Without having the traffic information ahead of time, you are likely to take your normal route, get stuck in traffic and go to the airport late only to find that your flight has departed. Not to mention the frustration, pain and agony you feel driving through such slow moving traffic and not knowing if you will reach your environment in time.

Gaining knowledge of environment

So, knowing your environment ahead of time is a game-changer and has its own advantages. You can determine based on your knowledge, whether or not a certain activity is right for you during the period that you are planning.

2019 new year resolutions


For instance if you know that the month of January is going to be important for you in your business and it will help you flourish, then you may focus on business as opposed to focusing on traveling or enjoying the holidays or getting in shape.

In a similar manner, if you knew ahead of time that certain period was going to be beneficial for you to meet someone for the relationship, then you'd probably be better off utilizing that time socializing or making new connections.

Think of it like setting new year goals with the environmental conditions in your the stars are aligned for a particular activity!

Fifteen of the most common areas in which people make resolutions are as follows:


Yearly forecast and readings

Readings for an yearly forecast work the same way. Derived from the theory of the collective unconscious by Carl Gustaf Young, readings can be done for a group as opposed to just being done for an individual.

Over the past few years, I have been using these readings and tested them over hundreds of individuals on a weekly basis. They work phenomenally well and give great results in terms of predictions. One such love note is attached here:

2020 forecast

So, curious to know what your forecast for the upcoming year will look like?

Here's your chance to take a peek at what's going on for you for the year 2020 from the month of January to the month of December. For each month, the reading will give you an idea of what is the major event you can expect to happen.

Knowing this in advance is magical - it will help you to focus on certain important areas during certain months.


Setting new year goals: align with the stars

Strategic goal planning can be remarkably profitable by aligning yourself with the stars and how they can favor you. It's the difference between swimming upstream vs. downstream to reach your destination in a limited period of time.

Seize this opportunity to make your new year tremendous! If you don't care, no one else will....

Get your 2020 forecast here.....

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