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Nine ways to use psychic description readings

Nine types of different psychic description readings that are fun, flirtatious and not so fictitious.....

Welcome to the unraveling of the nine psychic description readings aka psychic descriptive readings that you probably didn't even know existed.....

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Discovering these will leave your mood from:

hopeless to hopeful,

dull to dreamy and

boredom to fascination.

The world is fast and furious and information is at everyone's finger tips...only a few keystrokes can transport you from blind and ignorant to enlightened and knowledgeable.


As fascinating these stats are, they tell us one thing. People are always searching for answers and seeking information.

Curiosity killed the cat....

Lot of people are also curious to know the future....and the elaborate details of how things will play out....

Ever felt like if only I knew of it before - or if there was some way to verify it - or if I had something to give me an edge - I would be so much better off?

The new awareness of psychic description readings can help you change that - get more time, awareness and help you strategize your plans before the physical reality manifests itself in front of you.


As a reader, what intrigues me is to see how some clients can ask a lot of interesting questions.

If you've followed the works of Carl Gustav Jung, he suggests that asking the right question is half the job...


So, when new clients come to me, I work with them to rephrase the question several times - so that the reading shows what they want to know and not something else.

The regular ones - ask what they want to ask and I rephrase it with an audible whisper of loud acceptance from them...

But what is more intriguing is the way in which the Universe communicates - and how things play out in real life....

The communication of the Universe can be captured by different types of psychic descriptive readings.....

Description of the person

He'll have eyes the color of the ocean and a very sharp gaze....

Ever felt like - if only I wished what they looked like?

Well, descriptive readings solve this problem - you can get the physical description of a person and anything else that is peculiar about them....

Psychic descriptive readings define the characteristics of the person - what they look like, color of eyes/hair and also some personality traits.

Most common use in readings has been from clients looking for their future girl-friend or boy-friend or a future spouse.

However, description readings are not limited to the description of a partner - they can be used to determine the description of a teacher, a boss or a stranger that may potentially help you out.

Description of characteristics

The thing is....he is not telling the truth and making things up....

Ever felt like if you knew this personality trait of someone, you'd either love them or hate them?

Well, the characteristics description reading is just a solution for the problem.

These readings define personality traits that are either unique to the person or identify the person. It could be as simple as a a good writer - bad communicator or it could be something like a person who has either a temper or doesn't tell the truth.


Most common uses are in description of a person - where it is possible to know some peculiar characteristics traits of a person before meeting them.

Knowing if the next person asking you for a date is not telling you the truth or the next hire is not good at working with teams would save your day and many more to come......

Knowing the flaws & peculiarities of a person's character is priceless - it can help you prepare in advance - whether a future project with them is something you wish to pursue or best to pass it and move on.

Description of profession

Should I stay in this job - I feel really stagnated...............

Ever wondered if you felt like changing your job, career or even take up a side gig?


Well, profession description readings will help you breathe fresh air with ease....

These readings will reveal the possibilities of a profession for a person - whether it is for a new job, career transition or even a side gig.

Most common use is when people are looking for side gigs or changing jobs or going through a career transition.

The more exotic uses are to find the profession of your future partner to see what sort of work or field they maybe in.....

Description of a meeting place

The meeting will take place in a very small, dark and confined area....excerpts from a real reading....

Ever felt like if only you knew where you'd meet them - it would solve a part of the problem?

Well, meeting place readings are designed to do just that......

These readings define the surroundings of a meeting - if the meeting will happen in a crowded place, what will the major landmarks be that surround it and what'll catch your eye when you walk in that area....

Most common use in readings is about how someone will meet their future partner - it describes the environment and surroundings -

These readings define the surroundings of a meeting - if the meeting will happen in a crowded place, what will the major landmarks be that surround it and what'll catch your eye when you walk in that area....

Most common use in readings is about how someone will meet their future partner - it describes the environment and surroundings -


Sometimes a description is vivid and elaborate - but it is difficult to put your finger on what it could potentially mean.

For instance, in one reading, I had told a client that the meeting place would be very small, confined with very little room to move.

Want to guess what he emailed me back ?

Yes, it so turned out that they actually met in an elevator ....

This was a reading I had done on fiverr for a client a while back....

Description of feelings

Wonder how he really feels about me right now?

Ever felt like you were not sure of how someone felt about you? Or you got mixed signals and didn't know where you stood?

Well, description of feelings reading would give you some validation.

These readings describe the feelings of a person towards you - whether it be good, bad or ugly. Sometimes, it can show hidden emotions or otherwise un-conveyed thoughts that you suspected and were looking to verify if they were true.

Although, the most common use is for romantic relationships where one partner wants to know how the other one feels about them.

However, I have used these readings to verify other readings. Like if a biopsy report was benign, it would show different feelings of a person when they learn about it as opposed to a biopsy report with problems.

Description of a house

It'll have a huge backyard with roses of different colors blooming.....

Ever felt in a time-crunch to either purchase a home or move to a rental place ?

Well, house description readings can help you navigate out of the time-crunch by giving you an elaborate visual on what's coming your way....

These readings define a home - what it will be like, the surroundings, the interior/exterior - what will be special and any other characteristics unique to the home.

Most common use in readings is for client looking for their future home - be it a rental apartment or a house to be purchased.

However, these readings are not limited to the home - they can be used to determine if a particular home will have certain features.

Oddly enough, future potential problems a home could have can be foreseen whether you purchase it or rent it.

Also, any uniqueness associated with the property or an identifying characteristic can be described.

Description of food

Cheesecake, tiramisu, zabaglione or something else ? What dessert should I choose ?

Ever looked at the dessert menu in a restaurant and were unsure what to order ? Or stuck in between two menu choices and not knowing what to do?

Well, food description reading may come to your rescue..

These readings can tell you what kind of dessert you'd like more - whether a particular dessert is made with fresh ingredients or if any dessert will cause you any health problems.

What looks appealing to the eye may not be appealing to the tongue and you can find out for sure before you spoil your entire dinner and a fancy evening experience.

Description of travel

If the connecting flight doesn't take off in a few hours, I'll end up missing my meeting....sitting at the airport in Aspen, I was wondering if I'd be able to get to Denver on time for a meeting...

Ever felt stuck at an airport not knowing if your next flight would take you to your destination before your meeting?

Well, travel description readings will save your day, life and perhaps a long drive....

These readings will reveal the waiting period between flights, if you will reach the destination on time or your flights will be delayed beyond your imagination.

Most common use is when you have multiple flights and your connecting flight gets delayed.

The uncertainty of reaching your meeting or destination on time can drive you nuts. Knowing the fastest route to your destination can help you feel calm and relaxed that you'll arrive at your destination safely.

Description of missing object

You'll have to pass by an area surrounded by water to get to it....

Ever felt yourself losing your mind because you forgot where you kept something? Happens to me so often that I've lost count of it......

Well, missing object readings come to the rescue, flex my intuitive and brain muscles, and are the solution to the problem....

These readings define the surroundings of an object - where it is located. Sort of similar to the description of a home - but in this case, it zooms in on an area where a missing object may be potentially located.

Most common use in readings is to find **drumroll** missing objects - although I limit this to myself and close family -

However, these readings are not limited to an area confined by the missing object - you can find out what room the object is located in, what is the area surrounding it, what your path is to get to the object and so on...


Readings can be revealing and if you are not ready to hear the truth - then this sort of a reading may not be appropriate for you at the moment....

But, if you are prepared to know what's going on and ready to add an element of fun, frolic and happiness by knowing the truth - then, you'll be glad you asked.

The description readings definitely give a food for thought - and can shift you from gloominess to exhilaration.

Food for thought - would you rather know something now or a year from now?

Ever been in a situation you could use psychic description readings? Write about it here!

Do you have a great story where you could have possibly benefited from psychic descriptive readings?

Some of the stories maybe selected for a future article on description readings...

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