lucky in love challenge day 1 - Vaishali Nikhade

Get Lucky in Love Challenge

Learn how to play your own game to spot the losers, kick out the players and dump the ghosters by leveraging the power of your intuition...

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Lesson 1


The ideal partner

Lesson 2


The unacceptable

Lesson 3


The first relationship

Lesson 4


The worst relationship

Lesson 5


The role of intuition

Day 1: Lesson 1: The Ideal Partner

Welcome to Day 1 of the Ads Challenge! Today is all about retraining your brain when it come to Facebook ads. And this all begins with market research to have a better understanding of how you're being influenced, so you can influence the right people to purchase your offer.

Watch today's video, do the action item, and be sure to comment your progress in the comment box below!

Comments: Your precious thoughts below...

Leads that convert

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