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Otylia Wrzos
Otylia is a polish tarot reader & numerologist!

Book a psychic reading w Vaishali Nikhade: Vaishali's psychic readings
Book a psychic reading with Vaishali Nikhade. Readings can be by phone, chat or email.

Accurate psychic reading videos
Accurate psychic reading videos: tips & tricks to get the most from your readings....

Business Intuitive Consultant: Get a business psychic reading
Business intuitive consultant will look at the energy of a business and forecast how things will evolve

Radio Shows with Vaishali Nikhade
Join Vaishali's radio shows live or listen to recordings in archives

About Psychic Vaishali: all the juicy details on how I became a psychic
Psychic Vaishali reveals her journey on how she became a psychic
Psychic reading reviews with Vaishali Nikhade

Psychic reading reviews with Vaishali Nikhade. Read some of the client testimonials here

Intuition Classes


Contact Vaishali for a Psychic reading
Contact Vaishali Nikhade for a psychic reading by phone, email, chat or skype

Free Psychic Reading: Get a free phone or chat reading
Get a free psychic reading by phone or chat for 3 minutes for a free question

Disclaimer for Psychic readings
Read the disclaimer for psychic readings before purchasing a reading
Surreal Psychic Blog
Surreal psychic blog keeps you up-to-date with real life psychic readings, how they played out and updates on Subscribe here......

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