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Curious to know how each of the situations in the quiz played out in real life ?

... so that you can know all the details behind each of the three personality types, uplevel your awareness and change your perspective to enhance your intuition !

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It's time to see how strong your own intuition is in responding to real life situations & association of each answer to a personality type...

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  • 1 Understand how intuition works in real life so that you can implement it in your own love life situations to distinguish a keeper from a player
  • 2 Understand different types of intuition so that you can know your strengths and pay attention to messages that come in a specific form
  • 3 Strenghten your intuition by flexing your intuitive muscle by taking the quiz again but having the advantage of knowing how each situation played out in reality

Revealing the mysteries with 'Demystifying Intuition'

You get instant online access to all the video modules when you sign up for the quiz-based 'Demystifying Intuition' course.

Module 1: Introduction to Demystifying Intuition

Understanding the breakdown behind all the quiz questions so that you can understand intuition in all its forms

Module 2: Intuition in real life scenarios

Understanding how each real life scenario played out and how it is mapped to a different personality type so that you know where you need to uplevel your game

Module 3: Intuition in romantic scenarios

Understanding how each romantic scenario played out and how each one is mapped to a different personality type so that you know where you need to pay more attention in your love life

Module 4: Intuition and its specific types

Understanding the different types of intuition and how each one communicates with you differently so that you can play into your strengths next time you are faced with any situation

Module 5: Conclusion

Takeaway about intuition from each of the questions and how you can move forward and use it in your real life

Entire online course easily valued at over $150

Plus, you also get these ridiculous bonuses:


1. PDF version of the quiz with questions & answer options so that you can take the quiz, record your answers & re-take it over and over
Valued at $45...


2. Cheatsheet of how intuition connects with you so that you can understand how your intuitive senses work and what you are missing
Valued at $27...


3. Key to personality type with each quiz answer so you know what you need to work on to improve your intuition
Valued at $33...

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